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John Goddin has been a real estate broker serving clients in Durham, Chapel Hill and Raleigh, North Carolina for 30 years. The Research Triangle area has evolved over that time from a collection of small cities and towns into a large metropolitan area linked together by world class universities, diverse employment opportunities, tremendous health care and wide ranging recreational choices. The real estate business has evolved over that time from a small club like group of practitioners closely holding on to every piece of information they could, requiring potential buyers and sellers to hire them just to get access to information, to an internet based information bonanza where a real estate broker’s most valuable function is helping buyers and sellers understand and utilize the vast amount of information now available to them. Goddin Real Estate has evolved over those years to  incorporate the best aspects of personal relationships and service from his early days along with the latest tools and time savers that current technology has to offer. Recognizing that the role of a real estate practitioner has changed from “selling” real estate to providing valuable consulting services to its clients, John Goddin has structured his services and fees to better meet the individual needs and wants of each of his individual clients. With 30 years experience and hundreds of transactions successfully conducted plus a continuing commitment to keeping up with the latest developments in the industry, John Goddin has the knowledge and experience to help his clients navigate the most difficult real estate situations.


In addition to Goddin Real Estate, John Goddin also operates GRE Photography, which offers high quality real estate and architectural photography services to real estate agents, builders, home owners, designers, architects, etc.  GRE Photography was started in 2006 as it became apparent that digital photography and the internet would profoundly change the way in which real estate was marketed and now provides exceptional photography services to Goddin Real Estate clients and others. With the vast majority of real estate buyers doing their preliminary searches for properties on line and photos serving as the initial property showing that determine which properties will get actual site visits, quality real estate photography has become a vital to a succesful real estate marketing campaign.


John Goddin also has extensive experience in all facets of real estate investing and property renovations. John currently owns several long term rental properties that he manages himself and has been involved in a number of renovation projects ranging from personal residences to properties bought, renovated and sold as investments. This experience is invaluable when assisting home buyers and sellers evaluate potential properties and determine what types of repairs and renovations might be needed and what sort of costs and benefits they might bring to the property.