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Buyer ‘s Agent Rebate Programs

Unique Buyer Rebate Programs Offered by Goddin Real Estate

Most properties listed with a real estate agent in this area offer buyer agent commissions in the 2.4 – 3% range. Goddin Real Estate offers unique programs that will not only provide you with superb service as your buyer’s agent, but also rebate part of the buyer agent commission to you at closing. Rebates can range from 1% of the purchase price to the entire buyer agent commission if you choose an hourly rate payment plan.

As your buyer’s agent, Goddin Real Estate will act in your best interest throughout the transaction, providing you with true client level service designed to help you achieve your goals, not to maximize how much we make off of your transaction. With 30 years experience helping buyers in the Triangle area, John Goddin can provide you with experienced guidance and advice to help you make the best choices possible in your home purchase and save you money that can help you pay closing costs, furnish your new home, etc.

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Our rebate programs are based on the typical 2.4 – 3% buyer agent commission built into the price of most listed and for sale by owner properties.

Rebate program fees quoted here apply to residential properties between $250,000 and $600,000. Contact Goddin Real Estate for information on rebates available for residential under $250,000 or over $600,000, land, multifamily, or commercial.

To view some of the different services GRE provides buyers:

Buyer Agent Services


Retainer / Rebate Program

This program allows buyers to enjoy substantial savings with a minimal risk if they decide not to purchase.

$500 Retainer paid at time of signing agency agreement.

$4500 Paid at closing.

Buyer agent commission in excess of above fees will be rebated to buyer at closing

Buyer Agent Services provided in program


The 2% Solution. We take All the Risk but Still Offer You a Reward

Real estate traditionally has been sold with the agent only getting paid when a property closes. This presents the highest payment risk to the agent as time spent with clients who do not close is not compensated to the agent and is one reason real estate commission rates typically range around 6% of the purchase price for the combined listing and selling commission. We will work as your buyer agent with no retainer or guaranteed payment and rebate any buyer agent commission that exceeds 2% of the purchase price. Buyer agent commissions in this area typically range from 2.4 to 3%


Hourly Fee Option

This program is best for those who have a pretty good idea of what they want and the services they will need. It maximizes the potential benefit (rebate) to the client.

$175 per hour for Goddin Real Estate professional services.

Any buyer agent fee paid by seller and/or listing agent will be rebated in its entirety to buyer.

$700 retainer paid to Goddin Real Estate upon signing agency agreement.

Time billed in 1/4 hour increments.

Additional $700 installments payable in advance as time is used.

$3000 minimum fee to help buyer from contract through closing for properties up to $275,000. $4000 minimum for properties $275,000 – $600,000.

Time billed to include, but not limited to, the following services:

property searches

property showings

market analysis

property research

telephone discussions





Rebates must be handled in a way acceptable to NC Real Estate Commission. This means that they must show up on the closing statement and be approved by the lender providing the mortgage, if there is one. Alternate ways of handling the rebate will be agreed upon by Goddin Real Estate and the buyer if the lender will not allow it on the closing statement.

Buyer and agent will agree on how to handle commission rebates on for sale by owner properties offering buyer agent commissions. No rebate will be offered on properties in which there is no buyer agency commission offered.